About Op2Lysis

The company

Op2Lysis is a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing O2L-001, a unique solution for hemorrhagic stroke patients.

O2L-001 (derived from the NANOp2Lysis proprietary platform) is the first effective and safe treatment to remove intracerebral hematoma and reduce disability and death following acute hemorrhagic stroke. It has been tailored to be locally injected, through micro-invasive surgery, via a catheter at the core of the hematoma. The main characteristics of O2L-001 are:

  • EASY to use, simplified model of administration (unique injection)
  • EFFECTIVE with better thrombolytic effect on best translational model (vs gold standard)
  • SAFE, reduced side effect (bleeding and neurotoxoxicity vs gold standard)

Op2Lysis core team is composed of 6 people with complementary competencies and skills. This project team is staffed to lead O2L-001 toward the clinic as several activities are subcontracted due to the strict regulation of drug development.

The team (alphabetic order)

Mélina Ianszen

Melina worked previously in a quarantine laboratory and in a Contract Research Organisation specialized in Central Nervous System. She has a strong and broad technical experience.



Christophe Gaudin
Co-founder, CEO

Christophe led the development of several cardiovascular blockbusters at Sanofi. He has a deep knowledge in clinical development.

Estelle Louet
Project Engineer, PhD student

Estelle developed the main in vitro models needed for the development of O2L-001. She joined the company early after the incorporation of the company and benefits from a specific convention for a doctorate in collaboration with the Inserm université de Caen research unit. 

Solène Palmieri
Regulatory affairs – non clinical development

Solène joined Op2Lysis with a strong experience as Toxicology study director in a Contract research Organization. Her job is now to prepare the non-clinical development of O2L-001.

Jérôme Parcq
Co-founder, CSO

Jerome spent more than 15 years on the development of O2L-001. He has a strong scientific knowledge and has a broad knowledge of the start-up environment.

Kathy Van Butsele
Regulatory affairs – CMC

Kathy has a prior experience in a small biotech company that growed and became  a leader in the field of Women Health. She has a deep knowledge in chemicals, polymer and CMC (Chemicals, Manufacturing and Controls) for the development of O2L-001.

The science

Acute hemorrhagic stroke is an unmet medical need that affects >350 000p yearly in the European Union, USA and in Japan. Healthcare is restricted to intensive nursing and monitoring. As a consequence of the severity of the disease and of the absence of treatment, 75% of AHS patients die and have severe disability. Up to now, stopping the bleeding early or neuroprotection of the brain did not show any positive effect in clinical trials. Hematoma evacuation by a surgical approach was not beneficial neither. Nevertheless, one recent clinical trial opened a new hope. While the MisTIE program failed to demonstrate a clinical benefit with the gold standard thrombolytic agent to evacuate the hematoma, this trial also highlighted for the first time a strong relationship between the volume of hematoma evacuated and the level of handicap one year after treatment. Thus, data from the real-world needs (patients) help us in designing our therapeutic solution (O2L-001), to promote higher efficacy and safety.

Our offices

Op2Lysis offices are located in Caen (FR) and in Liège (BE) where the company benefits from the very active networks:

Close connection with an Inserm-Université de Caen research unit, where the drug substance was invented. The company has an access to state-of-the-art laboratories (Cyceron Center).

Close connection with the emerging biotech ecosystem in Liège area (Accessia Pharma)