Sunday, 29 October – World Stroke Day

Question : Do you know about your blood pressure ?

90 % of the stroke events are related to ten modifiable risk factors. Prof. Serge Timsit, Neurologist and President of the « Société Française Neuro-Vasculaire (SFNV) » reports below.

Op2Lysis US patent granted

The patent covering Op2Lysis’ O2L-001 innovation for the treatment of patients with a hemorrhagic stroke has been granted in the United States of America by the USPTO in July 2017.

A specific press release is available below

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R&D site opening in Caen

We are proud to announce the grand opening of our R&D site in Caen, at the Cyceron Center, where the Op2Lysis technology was invented. We also took the opportunity to show the laboratory to Estelle Louet, our first employee, who should join the team by December 2017 to work with us while pursuing her doctoral studies for a PhD level.

kick off of the Op2Lysis Crowdfunding campaign on WiSEED – Fundraising #1

As a result of a long and hard work, which was led over these last months and allowed a revision of the terms negotiated for the O2L-001 license, as well as gaining non-dilutive fundings (i-LAB and loans on trust) and numerous prizes and recognitions, Op2Lysis initiated its crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

The objective of this fundraising is to fund the feasibility of the industrial production and formulation of O2L-001 over the next 12 months. At the end of this first period of our development program, we will have sufficient information on production, purification, and formulation to initiate the regulatory preclinical steps of O2L-001 development, with a compound able to liquefy an intracerebral hematoma with one single injection. Scale-up and preparation of the regulatory studies will require a second fundraising for 2019.

French–Flemish meetings with the FIT Agency

September 2017 – French-Flemish meeting with the FIT Agency in Leuven (BE)

Op2Lysis was in Leuven during the French-Flemish meetings, which were organized by Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT). Great meeting opportunities.




Prof. Denis Vivien was in Berlin for the 26th ISTH session

Prof. Denis Vivien was invited to attend ISTH (International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis) in Berlin (Germany) and present his lab’s experience on preclinical models of ischemic or hemorrhagic strokes. He also introduced STROKE@LLIANCE, a program that was launched to improve the translational progress of drug candidates towards clinical stage through mimicking at the preclinical lab stage the heterogeneity of early clinical phases. 

Op2Lysis is a NETVA Laureate

Op2Lysis was selected as a Laureate among 20 for NETVA 2017. This will allow us to go to BOSTON during the second part of the year to better understand the North American market (including regulations and hospital needs), as well as the biotechnology ecosystem to identify potential partners and investors.

The NETVA Press Release.


The New Technology Venture Accelerator (NETVA) is a program of preparation and exposure to high-tech US markets for young innovative French companies. It is run by the Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States in three locations: Boston, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Each year, 15 French startups are selected though a national competition after evaluation by juries in France and the program’s three American cities. In 2015, the program was expanded to Canada.

The selected laureates begin their preparation for US markets with a two-day training seminar in France. Each laureate is also paired with one or more American mentors prior to an intense week of immersion in the United States. The laureates then have the opportunity to network with high-level American academic and technological partners and to benefit from an additional series of training workshops focused on how to approach and succeed in American markets.

For more information : – contact [at]

[VIDEO] Biovision 2017. Award Ceremony

A 1’26’’ video of the award ceremony. Op2Lysis received the Special Prize for its ambitious program at the Biovision Forum (Lyon, France), in April 2017. This video is also available on our Youtube Channel #Op2Lysis.


Op2Lysis won the Special Prize at Biovision Forum 2017

Op2Lysis received the “Catalyzer” Special Prize at the Biovision Forum in Lyon, France, on Thursday, April 6. Christophe Gaudin, co-founder of Op2Lysis, could convince the jury to honor Op2Lysis, based on our ambition of developing the first medical treatment for hemorrhagic stroke patients (a form which affects 10 to 15% of stroke patients), and on the potential and quality of our technology.

More information on the laureates and on the Biovision forum is available at

Op2Lysis shows successful traction after voting period on the WiSEED crowdfunding platform

A warm thank to all of you! Thanks to your positive support, your encouragements, your votes in favour, your comments and your promise to invest in our company, Op2Lysis reached the milestones to enter into the next step. An audit will now take place before the initiation of the investment phase.

We want to thank everyone who helped us in this first step. We will continue to post messages and news on the different Op2Lysis channels (LinkedIn, WiSEED and, in order to inform you as soon as the investment phase can start. With your support, we want to move forward our development program dedicated to hemorrhagic stroke patients.

Stay tuned and thanks again,

Christophe and Jérôme