Op2Lysis at the International Stroke Conference (ISC)

Christophe Gaudin will be at ISC on 24-26 January, 2018. An opportunity for Op2Lysis to discover the latest clinical progress in the stroke area, and to build a strong network of experts to help strengthening our development plan. Christophe will meet with many scientists and physicians attending this convention.

Press comments

Christophe Gaudin was interviewed to talk about Op2Lysis and our innovative project. You will find his interview in Serengo.

Op2Lysis project has been presented to ISFEO Committee of Normandie

Christophe Gaudin and Jérôme Parcq were invited to present the Op2Lysis project to the ISFEO Committee, which took place in Evreux on Tuesday 16 January at the CCI (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie) Portes de Normandie.

This meeting was the opportunity to present our project to investors and funding agencies in Normandy. Feedback from the Committee were very encouraging and raised the quality and the value of the project, as well as the complementarity of the management team.

Our crowdfunding campaign continues with WiSEED

We are proud to inform you that our 250 k€ crowdfunding target with WiSEED has been reached. Our campaign will continue and require your support. Actually, the success of your mobilisation allows us to be more ambitious. The amount that will be collected beyond the original target, together with co-investment funds, which we are also working on, will reinforce our cash-flow dedicated to the acceleration of our development and will help to move forward our industrial project faster.

You posted many encouraging messages, which reflects your positive assessment of our project, as well as your expectations. Your feedbacks are incentive to us to progress further in bringing new treatments to stroke patients.

We rely on you to share our web information with many others, so that they get informed about the Op2Lysis project.

Our WiSEED campaign is here.

Who are we ? EPISODE #4 : Christophe GAUDIN

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you the talents of each member of the team

Christophe Gaudin, can you introduce yourself shortly ?

C.G.: I am a Medical Doctor. Over the last 20 years, I was in charge of development of cardiovascular and antithrombotic drugs at Sanofi. This background allowed me to build a strong expertise in large and ambitious development programs in this therapeutic area, which is closely linked with the stroke area, as well as an efficient team management experience.

What were your main contributions in the cardiovascular and thrombosis area ?

C.G. : For many years, I benefited from a very enriching experience as the Head of Cardiovascular and Thrombosis Development. This therapeutic area has been very successful, with the commercialisation of many new cardiovascular drugs. These new medical treatments made convergence with the development of cardiovascular interventional procedures, as well as with the substantial progress that was accomplished in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases. The current standard is that a patient with a STEMI, which is a form of heart attack where the coronary artery (which provides the blood oxygen and nutriments necessary for the cardiac muscle to beat) is entirely occluded by a clot, can be treated within 90 minutes. This patient benefits from an early diagnosis, which is directly transmitted through a smartphone to the emergency coordination center so that the catheterisation center can be booked immediately and direct transfer can occur. I was in charge of development of drugs such like clopidogrel and enoxaparin, which contributed a lot to the progress of medical management of patients with a heart attack. We think that this can be a model for futur management of stroke patients : new drugs, development of interventional procedures and a better handling by emergency coordination centers can contribute altogether to greatly improve management and treatment of these patients, and then substantially decrease the disability and death due to stroke.

What is the strength of the technology developed by Op2Lysis?

C.G. : The strength of  Op2Lysis is to be agile enough to adress quickly and completely a strong medical need, taking into account both the need to decrease hospital costs and the expectations of stroke patients. While benefiting from progress of alteplase in patients with hemorrhagic stroke, our product combines differenting attributes so that it can be effective and safe with one unique intracerebral injection.

What is your personal contribution to Op2Lysis ?

C.G. : Beyond my expertise in drug development in the cardiovascular and anti-thrombotic field, I bring a clinical vision, in close link with expert neurologists and neurosurgeons, which is a critical source of value for our product, therefore also for Op2Lysis.

A new support to our fundraising plan

Op2Lysis has signed a contract with Patrick Cassagne to obtain his contribution in order to raise 350K€ as a complement to the ongoing WiSEED fundraising.

Patrick is the managing partner of CASSAGNE et Associés. He previously provided his contribution to many companies for fundraising, until IPO, including in the biotechnology area.


On last December 1st, we welcomed our first employee.

Tiffany will be in charge of internal and external communication of the company, which will provide Op2Lysis with an opportunity to grow and to reinforce its presence in the media.