Our team

Op2Lysis has been founded by Christophe Gaudin and Jérôme Parcq, who share complementary skills and experience, from fundamental research in stroke to international registration of pharmaceutical products in both academic and private environments.

Indeed, Christophe’s track record, as a MD specialist with a successful international drug development experience, including anti-thrombotic blockbusters for ischemic diseases, is a perfect fit to Op2Lysis purpose of drug development. Christophe has a 20-year experience in Big Pharma (Sanofi). Jérôme’s experience is complementary, as a PhD with a focused background in stroke and neurovascular research. He has multidisciplinary skills highly compatible with innovative entrepreneurship and is a co-inventor of O2L-001. Jérôme spent the last 12 years in a stroke-specialized academic research unit based in Caen.

Estelle Louet joined the team in December 2017. Holding a Master of Sciences in human biology of the university of Zurich, with one year of experience in neuroscience research (neuroanatomy and neurogenesis), she started her PhD program within a collaboration between Op2Lysis and the academic unit Inserm U1237 in 2018. She is fully involved in the Research and Development program of Op2Lysis.

Tiffany Le Carff joined the company in 2017 to build and consolidate the communication strategy company: version 2.0 of the website, development of materials for internal and external communication.

Notre équipe

Christophe Gaudin

Co-founder, President

Jérôme Parcq

Co-founder, General Manager

Jean-Claude Müller

Special advisor

Estelle Louet

Project Engineer, PhD student

Marie-Julie Guichard

Translational studies and regulatory affairs

Tiffany Le Carff

Communication officer