Who are we? Episode #2 Prof. Emmanuel TOUZE

Who are we? Episode #2 Prof. Emmanuel TOUZE

In this mini-series of articles, we want to present you the people who contribute to Op2Lysis

Prof. Emmanuel TOUZE, can you introduce yourself briefly?
E.T. I am a Neurologist, working at the Hospital of Caen. I am also the Dean of the Medical School of Caen. I spent over 15 years in the Department of Neurology at several hospitals in France. Today, I am the Head of the Stroke Unit of Caen, a platform which is dedicated to the management of emergency care for stroke patients. Besides this function, I am involved in clinical research with the aim of improving the treatment of stroke patients and I also take part in networks of international experts in this field.

What is your most important contribution to stroke research?
E.T. I set up innovative tools to better understand the epidemiology of stroke and the prevention of this severe condition. These tools offer new academic research opportunities for collaborative teams [e.g., the team of Prof Denis VIVIEN at Inserm UMR-S1237, see Episode #1].

What is the main strength of the technology developed by Op2Lysis?

E.T. Op2Lysis develops a therapeutic option, which is fully suitable for an emergency unit , and which matches the needs of neurosurgeons. Their molecule has shown efficacy in preclinical studies, with the promise of an easy-to-handle solution in clinical setting [a unique injection]. Once the clinical efficacy will be proven, a fast-worldwide implementation can be expected.

What is your added-value to Op2Lysis?

E.T. I will clearly work in close collaboration with Christophe Gaudin to set up a strong clinical study protocol with the aim of getting a relevant proof of concept to strengthen and justify advanced development. There are strong expectations for the treatment of patients with an intracerebral hemorrhage, and the development, which is handled by Op2Lysis should be highly valuable.

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Prof. Emmanuel Touzé is also the Secretary of the French Society of Vascular Neurology and is Assistant Editor to STROKE, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association.

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