Who are we? Episode #3 Jean-Claude Müller

Who are we? Episode #3 Jean-Claude Müller

In this mini-series of articles, we want to present you the people who contribute to Op2Lysis.

Jean-Claude, can you introduce yourself briefly ?

JCM: I am Special Advisor at I&IR (Innovation & International Relationship – BtoBio Innovation). I have more than 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, at Roche, Synthelabo and Sanofi. In my early carrier, I led research programs in the cardiology, cardiothrombosis and infectious disease areas. From 1995 I was progressively involved in research partnerships, strategic alliances, and business development for R&D, then I was in charge of R&D administration and HR. In my last role at Sanofi, I wa in charge of Prospective and Strategic Projects. I was also the Founder President of the MEDICEN Paris Region competitive cluster. I am now the editor of a weekly biopharmaceutical newsletter, which is published on www.btobioinnovation.com At I&IR, my current responsibility is to help innovative start-ups and SMEs in defining their strategy and their international development.

What have been your main contributions to the pharmaceutical field ?

J.C.M.: During my research time, I moved a dozen of products to clinical development in the cardiology, thrombosis and infectious disease areas. I set up about twenty strategic R&D partnerships across the world. I worked on the integration of R&D teams from Sanofi and Aventis together (more than 13 000 people were involved in 21 different locations in Europe, US, and Japan). I set up the R&D structure of Sanofi in China. In 2010, I defined the 2020 R&D strategy for Sanofi-Aventis.

What is the main strength of the technology developed by Op2Lysis ?

J.C.M.: The therapeutic option that is proposed by Op2Lysis is very innovative because it is a therapy that is adapted to the needs of a potentially effective treatment for acute hemorrhagic stroke patients, with a product that has been specifically designed to get a tolerance and a pharmacokinetic profile clearly superior to other treatments, either in development or commercially available.

What is your added-value to Op2Lysis ?

J.C.M. : I am an advisor for the co-founders, Christophe Gaudin and Jérôme Parcq. My experience in international business and in strategical development are added values for them. I advise on company plans and vision , as well as on fundraising steps.

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