Who are we ? Episode #5 Jérôme Parcq

Who are we ? Episode #5 Jérôme Parcq

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you the talents of each member of the team.

Jérôme, can you introduce yourself briefly ?

J.P.: I am engineer in Agronomy, and I then decided to progress to the Doctorate level with a PhD in Neurosciences. Over the last 10 years, I have worked at Inserm Laboratory U1237, University of Caen, with Prof. Denis Vivien in a program dedicated to innovative therapeutic solutions to fight blood clots. I am the inventor of the product developped by op2Lysis. I benefited from complementary trainings at HEC (Challenge +) and INSEAD (Bootcamp Life Sciences), which provided me with the broad and multidisciplinary entrepreneurship skills that I can dedicate to Op2Lysis.

What are your main contrinutions in neurosciences ?

J.P. : During my research activity, I have developed an expertise about the molecule that we are now developing. My research work has led to performing clinical studies in partnership with stroke units in France (the Ophelie study, coordinated by the stroke unit of Lille). Indeed, I have shown that two forms of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) which looked similar had very different effects on glutamatergic neurotransmission. I have identified the site which potentializes this tPA signal pathway, a work that was the basis of the O2L-001 invention.

What is the main asset of the technology developed by Op2Lysis ?

J.P. : The therapeutic solution that is proposed by Op2Lysis is based on the observation of molecular and cellular mechanisms of tPA in the brain, and is the result of a research program initiated in 2001. This solution, a new generation thrombolytic agent without neurotoxicity, is fully adapted to the intracerebral administration of a treatment for patients with an acute hemorrhagic stroke.

What did you bring to Op2Lysis ?

J.P. : I am the co-founder of Op2Lysis, a project which I initiated in 2010. After meeting with Christophe in 2014, we have been able, together, to accelerate the progress of this program. I am in charge of the operational activities of the company.

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