Who are we? Meet Solène Palmieri, Pharmacist – Episode #9

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you our whole team and skills of each.

  • Hello Solène, could you please introduce yourself?

I am both pharmacist and toxicologist. I studied pharmacy at the University of Bordeaux and specialised in the toxicology field at the University of Paris Descartes. I worked as a Study Director at Charles River Laboratories (Evreux facility, Normandy), where I oversaw regulatory toxicology studies for pre-clinical development. I joined Op2lysis in September 2020 as a Regulatory Affairs Manager. My main mission is to develop and coordinate the regulatory strategy for our project, in collaboration with the other team members and external experts.

  • Why did you choose to join the Op2Lysis team?

There was three main motivations to join Op2Lysis:

The project: I had a high interest and motivation for Op2lysis project, I am glad to be part of an innovative project and to be able to contribute to its development.

The position: through my missions I can improve both my scientific and regulatory knowledges while I develop other professional skills.

Workplace: I was attracted by the environment a start up provides with various missions and activities. By integrating a small company, I am fully involved in the decision of the company, I can support my ideas and proposition during team meetings, which make me feel useful and an active player of the project. 

  • What is the strength of the technology developed by Op2Lysis?

To my point of view the main strenghts of the technology are

  1. The innovativeness of the therapeutic solution in a pathology with deleterious impact, severe disabilities
  2. A strong scientific knowledges and proofs of concept
  3. the easiness to use (simple and reproductible route of administration)
  4. The indication that is still an unmet medical need.
  • What is your personal contribution to Op2lysis?

Thanks to my education I have strong basis on regulatory non-clinical drug development and good scientific knowledges. In my previous position as I worked in a controlled and rigorous regulatory environment, I acquired professional skills relevant for the development of our project (project management, communication, reporting, problem solving)

Op2Lysis receives a seal of Excellence from the European Commission

Op2Lysis receives the seal of Excellence for the development the first medical treatment dedicated to patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (EIC Accelerator – SME Phase II).

Op2Lysis project was scored as a high quality proposal in this highly competitive evaluation process. #SMEinstrument #SealOfExcellence

More Information about SME instrument: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en/h2020-section/eic-accelerator-pilot

Op2Lysis ranked TOP 10 at Big Booster 2018 and was selected for camps in Boston and Shanghai.

Op2Lysis has been ranked as the 7th best start up (out of the initially 100 companies selected at the beginning of the competition) at the Big Booster Demo Days 2018, in Lyon (France) and is now a member of the 2018 Big Booster Class. This success offers the opportunity to fly to Boston and to Shanghai in the next few months in order to consolidate existing partnerships and to open new opportunities for business with the USA and China.


More information on Big Booster: http://www.bigbooster.org/index.php