Our product

An innovative new generation product!

To fight hemorrhagic stroke and to reduce subsequent severe disability , Op2lysis develops an innovative drug product, O2L-001. It is a next-generation thrombolytic agent, intended to safely liquefy the intracerebral hematoma that formed following a hemorrhagic stroke. This compressive hematoma, which is responsible for the major disability resulting from this form of stroke, can thus be easily eliminated by a minimally-invasive surgery technique.

A thin catheter is positioned by the neurosurgeon inside the hematoma. This catheter allows the administration (injection) of O2L-001, then the elimination of the liquefied blood following the lytic action of the product.

With best efficacy, combined with an optimized safety profile, and an innovative formulation to ensure a streamlined process, our O2L-001 technology is designed to be a “best-in-class” product that is dedicated to the treatment of hemorrhagic stroke.

The recombinant molecule embedded in O2L-001 is protected by a patent filed by Inserm-Transfert (Patex September 2032). Exclusive rights have been transferred to Op2lysis for its development.