Company values

Because we have the hope to find the first medical treatment able to reduce the consequences of hemorrhagic stroke, we wished to place Hope at the center of our core values.

Because health is at the heart of our concerns we have for ambition to offer a better health care for patients with a stroke, starting with the development of a treatment able to reduce the detrimental consequences of hemorrhagic stroke.

Because innovation must emerge at the right time, we benefit from the most recent technical and scientific advancements to support the best value of our technology : to reduce hematoma volume while protecting the brain ; medical imaging progress to support the work of the neurosurgeons ; a unique injection to minimize (reduce) processing time.

Perseverance inspires every individual in our team. To overcome all difficulties, to challenge ourselves and to find treatments that will improve health care are all values which matter to our collaborators.

Because we search for a cure to reduce the risks of disability and death, all employees are expected to perform at their full potential and beyond.