Our vision

Meet an unmet medical need

Hemorrhagic stroke is the most severe and disabling from of stroke. So far, there is no treatment available to reduce its consequences.

Death and severe disability occurs in 75% of hemorrhagic stroke patients. Our ambition is to fight and decrease the detrimental consequences of hemorrhagic stroke. Reducing disability consecutive to stroke, will also reduce pain and burden for stroke patient relatives.

Reduce the costs consecutive to Hemorrhagic stroke

Beyond the severe clinical consequences of intracerebral hemorrhage, hemorrhagic stroke is also a significant public health burden with an enormous economic impact, including extended interruption of  professional activity, high costs of medical treatments which are required during hospitalization, and disability-related costs after hospital discharge.

In France, the direct cost related to stroke management is estimated around 12 860€ per year. In the United States of America, this cost raises to $44 395. This is the reason why our ambition is to substantially reduce these cost through the reduction of the clinical impact and disability consecutive to hemorrhagic stroke.