About us

Did you say Op2lysis? They tell you everything!

Christophe Gaudin and Jérôme Parcq met in 2014. Both with entrepreneurial ambition and complementary experiences in the field of neuroscience and the development of cardiovascular and thrombolytic products, they founded in April 2016 the Op2Lysis company , dedicated to the development of Jérôme’s invention.

More specifically, Op2lysis is a startup in Biotechnology that is developing the first drug treatment for hemorrhagic stroke, which is the most severe form of stroke.

The name of our company will tell you how. «Op2lysis» is derived from «optimize the lysis»: Lysis is a radical coming from the Greek word lusis, meaning «detach». It is used as a suffix for words such as analysis, catalysis, or dialysis. Therefore, , thrombolysis, the thrombus lysis, means ability liquefy the blood clot. For our product (O2L-001), it is about liquefaction of the hematoma present in the brain. Op2lysis is dedicated to the development of a drug treatment designed to promote the degradation of hematomas and blood clots formed in patients with a stroke, starting with hemorrhagic stroke.

The Op2lysis initiative relies on more than ten years of academic research, initially carried out at the Inserm Unit U1237 in Caen.

As it reaches the regulatory pre-clinical phase of 02L- 001 development, Op2lysis has been able over just a few years to gain in recognition among French biotechnology companies.

Named as an innovative company by Medicen in 2017, awarded with the Special Jury Prize at the Biovision event, then Winner of the Netva and ILAB competitions during that same year, Op2lysis has been awarded Innovative Young Enterprise in 2018 and won the Big Booster competition, just before announcing the closing of its first fundraising campaign of €630k.

Based on the Paris-Normandy axis, Op2lysis’ head office is located in Boulogne-Billancourt and the company has now opened a facility in Caen, in the Cyceron centre, where the original research was carried out. More recently, Op2lysis has benefited from access to the Neighborhood incubation structure created by Voisin Consulting to support startups in health technology.

Op2lysis is now with a team of 4 people with complementary skills. It benefits from the supervision of a Strategic Committee composed of members experienced with pharmaceutical and financial matters, to ensure decisions that fulfill the best ethical standards.

Op2lysis also benefits from the support of a strong network of experts in neuroscience and stroke clinical field in the US, in Europe, as well as in several other countries, to ensure the progress of O2L-001 development to deliver its innovative technology to patients as quickly as possible.