Who are we? Meet Kathy Van Butsele – CMC Management and Regulatory

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you our whole team and skills of each.

  • Hello Kathy, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Kathy Van Butsele, and I am from Liège, Belgium. Holder of a doctorate in polymer chemistry from the University of Liège, I joined Mithra Pharmaceuticals, a Belgian R&D company in January 2009. For 12 years, as CMC Project Manager, I was in charge of formulation and manufacturing processes development for Mithra’s portfolio of complex therapeutic solutions, such as extended-release polymeric implants (hormonal IUD, vaginal ring, biodegradable implant) or injectable formulations. I joined Op2lysis in July 2021 as CMC and regulatory manager. The main objective of my function is to coordinate the development of the Op2lysis product portfolio and the associated regulatory strategy.

  • Why did you choose to join the Op2Lysis team?

First, it was the project that tempt me to join Op2Lysis. I was also attracted by the “start-up” dimension of the company, with the possibility of joining a small team to fully participate in the development of the project and the structure of Op2Lysis. In a small core team, I find it stimulating to work with my colleagues in a multidisciplinary manner, while favoring complementarity.

  • What is the strength of Op2Lysis?

During the last 3 months within the company, it seems to me that it is this polyvalent team combining a high scientific level with solid industrial expertise. In addition, the project itself, an innovative treatment intended for a promising market, constitutes undoubtedly an advantage of Op2Lysis.

  • What is your personal contribution to Op2lysis?

Within Mithra, I had an experience starting with a start-up (about 20 employees) which subsequently grown to become a traded company of about 250 employees. I hope to know this progression within Op2Lysis, bringing my experience and my managerial skills that I have developed for such growth.

Concretely, I aspire to build a structure ensuring the traceability of development. In addition, I will assert my “multi-function” and flexibility competences, that are interesting skills within a development company. In addition, I will bring my expertise in polymers, drug development and manufacturing and regulatory aspects, with a constant focus on problem solving. This “little extra” could be a considerable asset for the development of the NANOp2Lysis technological platform.

Who are we? Meet Mélina Ianszen, Lab Assistant – Episode #10

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you our whole team and skills of each.

  • Hello Mélina, could you please introduce yourself?

I am laboratory assistant. After getting a technician degree in bio analysis and quality control from the Pole Enseignement Supérieur of Baudimont located in Arras (North of France), I wanted to start my carrier in a Research department as I am very curious and as one of my driving force is to contribute to scientific progress. I had a first experience in a quarantine lab, working on biological solution to fight potatoes parasites. I moved then in the human health domain that make sense for me since I has been a kid. I take the opportunity Op2Lysis offers in November 2020 and I joined the company. My main work is now to prepare experimental assays, to perform them in the lab, to analyze the data and to share the results with the team. We discuss then what are the next steps in order to progress in the development of our solution to fight hemorrhagic stroke.

  • Why did you choose to join the Op2Lysis team?

What is important for me is to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of an innovative treatment for a pathology that is not enough spotlighted despite its heavy social and economical burden. Moreover, Op2Lysis project is conducted by a young, dynamic, complementary and human scale team which is clearly my main professional expectation.

  • What is the strength of Op2Lysis?

As far as I am concerned, Op2Lysis strenghts stands in the polyvalency and the strong scientific, drug development and industrial foundations of the team. The team is thus 100% compliant with the development of an innovative and promising therapy for an unmet medical need.

  • What is your personal contribution to Op2lysis?

My academic and my first professional experiences gave me a scientific knwoledge and overall a broad spectrum of know-how in the laboratory, which allow me to bring my technical skills to the development of our product.

Eric Brandt (NOSHAQ) joins the Board of Op2Lysis

Eric Brandt, Investment Manager at NOSHAQ, will replace Jean-Claude Muller at the next Op2Lysis Board meeting. Jean-Claude has decided to leave the governance of Op2Lysis and that of other companies for personal reasons. NOSHAQ’s support during the last Op2Lysis fundraiser has been a driving component of our funding to get closer to the initiation stage of clinical trials. Eric’s professional career during more than 12 years, in the financing of companies in the field of life sciences, will constitute a definite contribution to the Company, and in complementarity with the other members. The integration of Eric in the governance of Op2Lysis testifies to the expansion of Op2Lysis in the ecosystem of Wallonia to structure its development activities, while keeping its research activity in Caen in Normandy.

We welcome Eric to this new role. We warmly thank Jean-Claude for his essential and significant contribution since the creation of Op2Lysis.

The 6 members of the Board of Op2Lysis are now: Eric Brandt, Patrick Cassagne, Christophe Gaudin, Philippe Monteyne, Jérôme Parcq and Thierry Sempere.

A >1M€ SEED fundraising to get closer to the First in Human study

We are very pleased to welcome BEANGELS and NOSHAQ on board. Together with our historical investors, they put a >1M€ investment in Op2Lysis to ensure the scale-up and the industrial development of the production processes of O2L-001 to reach the regulatory studies and to get closer to the initiation of the clinical trial.

For more information about this SEED funding, read the Press Release:

Who are we? Meet Solène Palmieri, Pharmacist – Episode #9

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you our whole team and skills of each.

  • Hello Solène, could you please introduce yourself?

I am both pharmacist and toxicologist. I studied pharmacy at the University of Bordeaux and specialised in the toxicology field at the University of Paris Descartes. I worked as a Study Director at Charles River Laboratories (Evreux facility, Normandy), where I oversaw regulatory toxicology studies for pre-clinical development. I joined Op2lysis in September 2020 as a Regulatory Affairs Manager. My main mission is to develop and coordinate the regulatory strategy for our project, in collaboration with the other team members and external experts.

  • Why did you choose to join the Op2Lysis team?

There was three main motivations to join Op2Lysis:

The project: I had a high interest and motivation for Op2lysis project, I am glad to be part of an innovative project and to be able to contribute to its development.

The position: through my missions I can improve both my scientific and regulatory knowledges while I develop other professional skills.

Workplace: I was attracted by the environment a start up provides with various missions and activities. By integrating a small company, I am fully involved in the decision of the company, I can support my ideas and proposition during team meetings, which make me feel useful and an active player of the project. 

  • What is the strength of the technology developed by Op2Lysis?

To my point of view the main strenghts of the technology are

  1. The innovativeness of the therapeutic solution in a pathology with deleterious impact, severe disabilities
  2. A strong scientific knowledges and proofs of concept
  3. the easiness to use (simple and reproductible route of administration)
  4. The indication that is still an unmet medical need.
  • What is your personal contribution to Op2lysis?

Thanks to my education I have strong basis on regulatory non-clinical drug development and good scientific knowledges. In my previous position as I worked in a controlled and rigorous regulatory environment, I acquired professional skills relevant for the development of our project (project management, communication, reporting, problem solving)