Headquarter in Boulogne Billancourt

The headquarter of Op2lysis is located 117 avenue Victor Hugo, in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

A research facility in Caen located closely with Inserm Unit U1237

Pour effectuer ses recherches, Op2Lysis à ouvert en octobre 2018  un établissement de recherche localisé à proximité de l’unité Inserm U1237 permettant de bénéficier d’interactions fréquentes avec les équipes académiques de cette unité et de faire bénéficier notre doctorante d’un contrat CIFRE.

To carry out his research, Op2lysis has opened in October 2018 a research facility that is located closely with Inserm Unit U1237, to benefit from frequent interactions with the academic teams of this unit and to allow our doctoral student to benefit from a Convention CIFRE.

Based on an academic work carried out by Jérôme Parcq, co-founder, Op2lysis renewed in 2019 the a partnership agreement with Inserm and the University of Caen in Stroke Research, including pathophysiological  mechanisms of stroke, to optimize the progress of Op2lysis and its O2L-001 technology towards clinical stage, and to initiate new research programs.

Incubation and regulatory support within Neighborhood in Boulogne-Billancourt

Op2lysis is incubated in Neighborhood, as part of a start-up support programme in the health field, which is managed by Voisin Consulting Life Sciences.

This program allows Op2lysis to benefit from support in the regulatory strategy, to optimize the activities needed to enter  clinical stage.