Who are we? Meet Kathy Van Butsele – CMC Management and Regulatory

Through this mini-series of articles, we want to present you our whole team and skills of each.

  • Hello Kathy, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Kathy Van Butsele, and I am from Liège, Belgium. Holder of a doctorate in polymer chemistry from the University of Liège, I joined Mithra Pharmaceuticals, a Belgian R&D company in January 2009. For 12 years, as CMC Project Manager, I was in charge of formulation and manufacturing processes development for Mithra’s portfolio of complex therapeutic solutions, such as extended-release polymeric implants (hormonal IUD, vaginal ring, biodegradable implant) or injectable formulations. I joined Op2lysis in July 2021 as CMC and regulatory manager. The main objective of my function is to coordinate the development of the Op2lysis product portfolio and the associated regulatory strategy.

  • Why did you choose to join the Op2Lysis team?

First, it was the project that tempt me to join Op2Lysis. I was also attracted by the “start-up” dimension of the company, with the possibility of joining a small team to fully participate in the development of the project and the structure of Op2Lysis. In a small core team, I find it stimulating to work with my colleagues in a multidisciplinary manner, while favoring complementarity.

  • What is the strength of Op2Lysis?

During the last 3 months within the company, it seems to me that it is this polyvalent team combining a high scientific level with solid industrial expertise. In addition, the project itself, an innovative treatment intended for a promising market, constitutes undoubtedly an advantage of Op2Lysis.

  • What is your personal contribution to Op2lysis?

Within Mithra, I had an experience starting with a start-up (about 20 employees) which subsequently grown to become a traded company of about 250 employees. I hope to know this progression within Op2Lysis, bringing my experience and my managerial skills that I have developed for such growth.

Concretely, I aspire to build a structure ensuring the traceability of development. In addition, I will assert my “multi-function” and flexibility competences, that are interesting skills within a development company. In addition, I will bring my expertise in polymers, drug development and manufacturing and regulatory aspects, with a constant focus on problem solving. This “little extra” could be a considerable asset for the development of the NANOp2Lysis technological platform.