Last Updates on Hemorrhagic Strokes at WICH and ESOC – Focus on new MISTIE data

Last Updates on Hemorrhagic Strokes at WICH and ESOC – Focus on new MISTIE data

The second half of May was the opportunity for two important conventions in the area of hemorrhagic stroke :

  • The 7th WICH (Woldwide Intracranial Hemorrhage) conference, specifically dedicated to hemorrhagic strokes, on May 19th-21st in Granada, Spain ;
  • And the ESOC (European Stroke Organization Conference), on May 22nd-24th in Milano, Italy

Although dedicated to a broader scope, ESOC offered many presentations and sessions on hemorrhagic stroke, reinforcing the increasing activity and hope in this area as it appeared at the last International Stroke Conference in February.

Of particular interest for Op2Lysis was a presentation by Wendy Ziai on the analysis of mortality in the MISTIE (Minimally Invasive Thrombolysis in Intracerebral Hemmorhage Evacuation) trial. The primary results of this study, which were presented on last February, showed a lower rate of mortality in the minimally invasive surgery plus thrombolytic group of patients versus control group, more specifically over the first 30 days that followed symptom onset.

The more detailed analysis presented at ESOC indicated that deaths were mainly from neurological cause (60%) and consecutive to withdrawal of life support. The reduction in intracebral hematoma volume, which was the objective of the treatment tested in MISTIE, influenced favorably the maintenance of life support. These results further strengthen the rationale for the product developed by Op2Lysis for the treatment of patients with an intracerebral hematoma following an hemorrhagic stroke.

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